Thursday, February 21, 2013


Long time no post, huh?

Our oven died in January so no wonderful new recipes have been created or tried. BUT that was not the end of it.

We decided to put off buying a new stove until income tax, just use crock pots, the George Forman and possibly get a toaster oven. Last Thursday, on Valentine's day...our refrigerator died. Argh. We couldn't live without a refrigerator. We got ice for the cooler to get us by until Saturday when we could go buy one and it was finally delivered last night, almost a week later. I love it. It's so shiny and pretty and new and un-smelly. Our old one was an ancient Magic Chef. We guessed it was around 30 years old.

We also got a leak in the laundry room and a completely stopped up sink over the weekend. I felt so gross in our house. My wonderful grandfather snaked the pipes for us on Monday and did something to keep the laundry room from leaking, thank the Lord. I mopped yesterday and it now feels like a new house! Woot!

I currently have the first meal in the crockpot I've cooked in over 2 weeks. Chicken Fajitas. I will share the recipe another time.

We also had a big scare with Cooper 2 weeks ago. He has asthma and when he gets sick it hits his little lungs and he is hospitalized 95% of the time. This time it was REALLY bad and he had to be air lifted to a bigger hospital in Tampa. It was the scariest night of our life buy luckily our little turned toward the better as quickly as he went to the worst. He spent a few days in ICU on oxygen but was home 4 days after he was admitted.

February has not been a good month to us. Come on March!

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