Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 2013 Goodies Box Review

Got my May Goodies box today!!

Goodies is a subscription box. It's super cheap...7 bucks a month including shipping. You have to request an invite and it takes about a month to get one. After that, you have about a week to enter your credit card info before it expires. can still take about 2 months to get your first box. You won't be billed until the month you are going to receive your first box.

Anyway...this month's is my favorite so far. It was full of good stuff....

This months' box included:

2 packs of Sour Power Straws. I wanted to try these tonight but got distracted with chocolate covered pretzels...

1 Numi Moroccan Tea Bag

1 Coupon for Wholly Guacamole and a Wholly Guac Chip Clip

Kathie's Kitchen Super Seeds Pumpkin Seeds

Beanitos Bean Chips with Sea Salt

2 sample pack's of California Olive Ranch Olive Oil

Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce (I look forward to this, jar recommends serving it over cream cheese)

And a HUGE 'box' of coconut water. I have tried coconut water once, it was good but not something I would want constantly. Will give it a try again!

Again...this month's box was AWESOME. What would you be most excited to try?

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  1. Yay! I am anxiously awaiting mine--still haven't gotten it yet. :(