Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Critter

We have learned that as homeowners, you encounter all kind of crazy stuff. CRAZY stuff. Like for example....

(Please ignore grimmey looking floor. It's stains. Horrible finish on the wood floor. Also, grease on the back wall is from a previous tenant that fried constantly apparently. OH the grease we cleaned when we moved in...)

That's a possum...under my stove. A baby possum to be exact. We thought we had a rat in our laundry room...but it turns out, it was this guy...or his sister. 

I heard scurry in the kitchen 2 nights ago, I hauled it out of there and waited....waited for the 'rat' to come around the corner. Tink chased something in the dining room a little later...kept waiting...then I heard something under the couch. I got brave, peeked...and it was a baby possum. I woke up Kevin and we chased it out with a very handy set of plastic golfclubs we bought for Coop that exact evening. 

So this MORNING...Kevin wakes ME up..and tells me there is scratching under the stove...and it was this possum. He was sitting in my muffin pan. We chased him out AGAIN...or we chased it out the first time if it was the sibling. I am now in the process of washing all of my cookie sheets, lasagna pans etc....he peed in them. OH LORD. 

So I went to Home Depot and got a couple cans of that expandable spray foam stuff to fill in the gap we believe he or she or they are coming in in our laundry room..wish us luck. Hopefully they will be gone in a few days. I read that they only stay in one den for 3 or 4 days, a little longer if babies are involved. SO we will see. Eek. 

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