Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easy-Peasey Meal #2 - Chili Mac (Vegetarian)

Ah...Macaroni and Cheese, the ultimate comfort food...

Even if it's the box kind, it's still a comfort food, right?

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to this 'recipe' I am going to post below. Very simple. Boxed Mac N Cheese with a can of chili beans in sauce. YUM. Filling. Cheap! I make this for Kevin's lunch, he can get 2 big lunches out of it. You can also add some diced up tomatoes if you want, make it a 'complete' meal...

Easy-Peasey Meal #2 - Chili Mac

1 box/bag Macaroni and Cheese kit of choice ( I think the 4 cheese Homestyle is the best)
A good shake of garlic salt or powder
1 can of chili beans in sauce

Cook Macaroni and cheese according to directions on package. If using the Homestyle kind, do the good shake of garlic during the butter melting step. If using something else, be creative, you decide. :)

Mix in beans, heat until beans are warm!

Dig in!

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